Tutorials and Webinars

Cryptocurrencies should be accessible to all. But because we are still in the early stages of adoption it is easy to make mistakes. If you have made the decision to buy some Bitcoin it is important that you understand how to use exchanges and wallets safely and where to store your bitcoins.

Afterall being decentralised and under no governance also means that you are responsible for your own bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Should you make a mistake there are no institution or customer support services for you can go to.

CryptoCoins Zone is created to make it easier for new investors to get into the cryptocurrency space safely.

We review and analyse the latest software and hardware technology and trends to give you simple and easy to follow guidance. You can sign up for a one-to-one screen share call with an experienced cryptocurrency investor to kickstart your involvement in the cryptocurrency world. You will receive step by step guidance and can ask anything you need to know along the way.

If you think you can benefit from more guidance or need help to choose the right wallets, exchange platforms and supporting software or hardware tools, fill in the contact form and someone will get in touch with you within a day.

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