$PAC, Crypto Payment Network (CPN) and Domino’s Pizza Announce Partnership

$PAC, Crypto Payment Network (CPN) and Domino’s Pizza are entering into a strategic partnership in developing a $PAC debit card. This development will help to bridge the gap for cryptocurrencies to be utilised in customer to merchant transactions. Several other Fortune 500 companies are signed up to the CPN network, but at this stage, $PAC can only disclose Domino’s Pizza.

Crypto Payment Network

CPN is a cryptocurrency payment network, which will allow a merchant to accept cryptocurrency and receive cash (USD or Euros) via ACH/SEPA transfer, while the customer is enjoying the convenience of paying with the cryptocurrency $PAC. CPN is currently working towards payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance. This will allow $PAC debit cards to become usable everywhere VISA and Mastercard can be used.

Resolving volatility for merchants accepting cryptocurrencies

Market volatility is the main problem for merchants accepting cryptocurrencies. They need to be able to predict expenses, pay employees, pay taxes, and make purchase orders well in advance. To meet these predictions and protect against losses from a possible price drop it is essential for merchants to convert cryptocurrency into dollars or euros immediately.

A bridge between cryptocurrency $PAC and fiat money

This partnership is the bridge between $PAC and fiat, making it an easy road for merchants to accept $PAC as a regular currency.

“By design, $PAC was created to be a spendable, transaction-focused digital currency. It features close to zero transaction fees and instant cross-border transfer speeds. These key features combined with the CPN network will make $PAC a market leader for full-scale retailer adoption. This latest partnership proves that $PAC is serious about its commitment to consumer satisfaction and its expanded adoption potential.” — Brad Marsh, CMO, $PAC

“The integration of such a large restaurant chain is always a challenge and will be incorporated over the next few quarters. We look forward to a long lasting and profitable relationship with the leading pizza restaurant. CPN cardholders will soon be buying pizza at Domino’s with their $PAC card and will be enjoying many more benefits in the near future.” — Jeff Manuel, CEO, CPN

PAC would like to thank CPN for the partnership. Please anticipate more companies being released soon by CPN. For further information about CPN please visit https://cpnetwork.io. You can find further information on this partnership at https://blog.paccoin.net

$PAC is the successor of PAC coin (PACcoin) via a community rebrand and relaunch.

An announcement by Michael Andrew, Manager of Public Relations at PAC


Disclaimer: This article is for information and entertainment purposes only and should never be construed as investment or trading advice. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be extremely volatile and you should always do your due diligence and research on the topic, utility, product or service and legal and regulatory requirements before deciding to invest. We do not take any responsibility for possible losses you may incur.

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