Buy Bitcoin

If you are new to new to Bitcoin, the buying process may seem daunting. As we are still in the early stages of mainstream cryptocurrency adoption, the platforms providing an opportunity to buy bitcoin with fiat are very limited.

We have listed some of the most reliable platforms where you can purchase Bitcoin with GBP, EUR or US dollars.

Buy Bitcoin With Cash


Coinbase lets you buy Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin instantly with a credit or debit card. With this referral link, you get £7 free when you spend £100 or more.  Your GBP will be converted into Euros before you can purchase Bitcoin. The applied fee is 3.99%. It is advised to open a Euro bank account to avoid the extra currency exchange fees. This will also be beneficial if you are looking to sell Bitcoin and withdraw the cash back to your UK bank account. There is a purchase limit of up to £500 per week. Coinbase is also available as an Android or iOS app.



GDAX lets you avoid the 3.99% Coinbase fees! It’s a Coinbase owned exchange and you can use the same log in credentials for both. Bank account deposits are free and transfers from Coinbase into GDAX are also free. It is particularly useful if you are making many small transactions or very large once. is one of the most secure online platforms for purchasing Bitcoin or Ethereum with fiat money. You can use your UK debit or credit card to buy instantly. It is simple and easy to navigate, although the initial verification process is extended. Blockchain is also available as an app on android or iOS. There is a £200 daily limit.




LocalBitcoins is a Bitcoin trading site allowing people to place listings and buy or sell with fiat money. You can then meet the person to buy bitcoins with cash, or trade directly with online banking.




CEX.IO is a UK based cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy Bitcoin and Ethereum with a debit or credit card. It is beginner friendly and has a helpful customer support team behind it. Fees are quite a bit higher than on Coinbase, but it is also an exchange so you could save on transfer fees. The daily deposit and withdrawal limit for a verified account is comparatively high at $10,000.



Bittylicious facilitates the purchase of Bitcoin with a UK bank transfer, Barclays Pingit, RBS/Natwest PYC, as well as a debit card or credit card. This UK based exchange is very simple to navigate. It works by matching up buyers and sellers and there are no fees to buy. But as the prices are set by the brokers, it is important to check you are getting a good rate. It may also struggle with lack of liquidity on occasion, due to its business model.
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